English Camp Programs

In VIHAC English Camp programs, students study English under the instruction of a certified Canadian English teacher. In the afternoons, students participate in cultural activities around Victoria designed to help students both improve their English and learn about Canadian culture. The focus of the daily lessons is on Canadian culture, speaking and listening skills. This camp program is ideal for students from overseas looking to improve their communication skills as well as learn about the culture.

Academic Camp Programs

Our Academic Camp programs are ideal for students in middle school and high school who wish to improve their school grades. In our Academic Prep Camp, students will focus on improving their overall grades by working on content that they will experience in a Canadian curriculum.Setting individual goals and working on each student's weak areas forms the basis of the camp. For grades preparing for the Provincial Exams, the camp will include a focus on Provincial Exam Prep. This camp program guarantees an improvement in school performance.

Our TOEFL Camp is designed for students looking to take the TOEFL test and have little to no experience with the test. The camp includes all sections of the TOEFL test as well as strategies for improving one's scores on the test. Students will take practice tests and receive feedback for how to improve their scores. Afternoon activities and cultural field trips are included as part of the camp program.

VIHAC also offers General English and Business English courses. Are you looking to develop your English communication skills or improve your business English? Class sizes are small and students receive individual attention to address their needs in learning English.

Visit our camp page and English course page for more information about these programs.


Parent and Child Camp

Hey, parents! You can come to Canada and study too. VIHAC offers Parent and Child Camp programs for parents who wish to bring younger children oveseas to experience a foreign culture in a fun and interactive small class environment. These camp programs are ideal for the parents of younger children who want them to experience an English-speaking culture without the stress of children being alone in a foreign country.

Parents study 18 hours per week in a small class environment and participate in afternoon cultural activities designed to promote communication and cultural awareness. 

Children study for 18 hours per week in a fun and interactive camp environment. The focus of the camp programs is on the development of communication skills and includes special projects including science experiments. In the afternoon, student will participate in interesting cultural activities in Victoria under the supervision of a qualifed English teacher. Class sizes for the Parent and Child camp are small to allow for greater individual attention for each student.

IELTS Camp Programs

VIHAC offers part-time and full-time intensive IELTS camp and study programs for students looking to improve their skills for the IELTS exam. Are you looking for a higher IELTS score? Do you need help with the writing section or more practice on your speaking test?

Check out our IELTS study programs today to see how we can help you achieve the score you need. We offer full-time intensive IELTS courses as well as individual courses focusing on the different sections of the IELTS exam. Small group courses in a fun and interactive environment with certified teachers will guarantee an improvement in your overall IELTS score. All students receive a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs for the exam. Contact us today at info@vihac.com  to discuss your options for the IELTS exam.


 We are currently taking registration for our winter 2017, spring 2017 and summer 2017 English Camps and Academic Camps. We are also currently accepting applications for our full-time and part-time IELTS courses.To register, please complete the application form on our website or contact us at 778-966-1236 (local)/070-8880-8855 (international) to discuss placement options. 


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